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Another Sunny Day 12 25
Dance Naked
We see it on TV, we get calls on the phone
By the prop...

Dance Naked
Let's get to the point now
Just because we've got the s...

Dance Naked
Dance Naked
I want you to dance naked
So I can see you
I'd lik...

Dance Naked
Guilty 'till proven innocent
I'm thinking about the gov...

The Big Jack
Dance Naked
I know you and you know me
We met many years ago

The Breakout
Dance Naked
Why do you think there's nobody out there?
No one who w...

Too Much To Think About
Dance Naked
Sister help take this pain from my fheart
Help me stand...

When Margaret Comes To Town
Dance Naked
When you were a kid you received no good instruction

Wild Night
Dance Naked
As you brush your shoes
And stand before the mirror